The Stormtrooper Commander
Trooper Barracks

As you enter the Trooper Barracks, you observe Imperial troops of every kind bustling about, training, organizing equipment, preparing for their next mission. The Stormtrooper Commander notices you as a VIP, and offers information about the types of troopers aboard Nemesis.

Aside from being able to completely change Trooper Types, troopers can change between subgroups depending on the Mission profile. The main title at the top of each box below is the Troop Type you can put in your title and member info. For example, a Trooper may change from Sandtrooper to Snowtrooper. See the Imperial Database/Tech.Info/Imperial Armoury for more details about handweapons used by Imperial personnel.


Stormtroopers are the Empire's well-trained and lethal shock troops. There are many types each with their own strengths. Stormtroopers attack ground installations and vehicles, enemy troops, board ships, and participate in other combat situations. Their armour is complete secure against light radiation, bio hazards or gas attacks. The helmet includes tongue-toggled comlink, Multi-Frequency Targeting and Acquisition System (MFTAS) and Holographic Vision Processors which enables the user to see through such nuisances as smoke, fog and darkness. The Automatic Polarized Lenses protects against flash grenades and blinding light. They also have a 20 minute emergency air supply in case of temporary exposure to vacuum or underwater conditions. All troops have IFF transponders for identification, and utility packs with various equipment such as spare powerpacks, comlink, extra breath filters, high-tension wire, grappling hooks, ion flares, concentrated rations, water, medical supplies, survival equipment, anti-radiation pills, two detoxification hyposprays, macrobinoculars, binders, de-ionizer, spray seal (blinds cameras), extra oxygen, etc, depending on mission profile and trooper subtype.
Stormtroopers Standard Stormtrooper

The Empire's primary troop. Not equipped properly for the extreme outdoor weather, used mostly for boarding, inner-facility attacks, and garrisons. They carry a wide range of utlities which makes each trooper independent in operations. There are normally one or two heavy weapons specialists in every squad.
Standard weaponry: E-11 Blaster Rifle, 1 Thermal Detonator and 2 Concussion Grenades.

Scouttroopers on speederbikes Scout Trooper

Suited for most environments, excels at scouting out enemy terrain and locating attacking/defending Rebel forces. The helmet is capable of magnifying distant objects, designate targets, provide night vision and see energy emissions. Scouttroopers are equipped to operate for weeks without resupply.
Standard weaponry: SoroSuub Q-2s5 MOA Holdout Blaster Pistol, 1 Thermal Detonator, 2 Concussion Grenades, Arakyd 74-Z Speederbike.

Sandtroopers Sandtroopers

Equipped for the desert. Sandtroopers carry days of extra water, food, supplies, and have an air conditioning system inside their suit.
Standard weaponry: BlasTech T-21 Light Repeating Blaster, Blaster Pistol, concussion grenade launcher.

Snowtroopers Snowtroopers

Equipped with heaters to work in extreme cold, down to -100 Imperial degrees. Much more well-equipped than most Rebels working in a harsh environment, they are sure to succeed at attacks on freezing planets. The can operate up to 2 weeks on battery power alone.
Standard weaponry: BlasTech E-11 Blaster Rifle, Blaster Pistol, 2 Concussion Grenades.

Seatrooper Seatroopers

Aquatic Assault Troopers are equipped with a two piece environmental suit to operate underwater. Their streamlined suits feature: Helmet - Equipped with Macrobinocular Viewplate, Sensor Array, built-in comlink and Breathing Apparatus. On Back - Portable Environmental Unit, Power Cell Pack and Propulsion Unit. Feet - Propulsion Boots with Snap-down Flippers.
Standard weaponry: BlasTech Firearc 49 Blaster/Speargun, 5 Concussion Grenades.

Swamp Trooper Swamp Troopers

Similar in look to scout troopers but more heavily armoured than standard stormtroopers, the swamp troopers are green in color to blend into the swampy surroundings. They can completely submerge for extended time and wait for unsuspecting rebels to show up on their heat sensors.
Standard weaponry: Golan Arms FC-1 Flechette Launcher, Light Repeating Blaster, 3 Stun Grenades.

Air Trooper Air Troopers

Airtroopers are Stormtroopers trained to use external jetpacks with their regular armour. They were developed by the Empire for use in riot control, which remains their primary duty. The jetpack allows the trooper to fly with high speed and manoeuverability for extended time, but does not permit exiting the atmosphere.
Standard weaponry: E-11 Blaster Rifle, 6 Stun Grenades.

Special Forces

Special Forces Troopers are the most highly-trained and well-equipped troops in the Imperial Army. Some of them rely on stealth, speed, skill, while Darktroopers and Zero-G Assault Troopers use the heaviest armour and weapons available to crush Rebels with ease.

Rad Troopers Rad Troopers

Radiation Zone Assault Troopers are elite Stormtroopers who wear armour that can fully protect them for hours in ionic or radiation zones up to grade 5. They use an overpowered blaster rifle to offset the lowered firepower under such conditions. They also use melee weapons when blasters fail to work under heavy radiation.
Standard weaponry: Stormtrooper Two Blaster Rifle, Force pike, Vibroblade, 3 Satchels with 10 charges each (typically timed or with remote detonators).

Military Commandos Military Commando

The Army counterpart to the Intelligence Commando. Their equipment is similar, however they work towards the objectives of their own division. Wearing light but effective armour, carrying sophisticated gadgets, the Imperial Commando is suited for stealth operations and performing percise and complicated tasks quickly and silently. While every Commando is an excellent marksman and perfectly able to defend himself against an enemy or two at a time, the Military Commando is not suited for heavy combat operations.
Standard weaponry: E-14 Blaster Rifle, Epel'jaken "Razor" series MX Heavy Blaster Pistol.

Imperial Sniper Sniper

The Imperial Sniper is perfect for taking out enemies at long range. A sniper's primary weapon is the Xerrol Nightstinger, an extreme long-range blaster rifle with a powered magnification scope, and special blaster gas canisters that allows it to fire invisible bolts. Exact level of firepower is classified, but it processes 20 times more blaser gas per shot than a standard rifle. Close-range combat is avoided whenever possible. With their light armour, snipers are best suited for camping in a hidden, camouflaged position and taking out enemies from a distance with well-placed shots. They move swiftly from location to location to avoid counter-fire with the specially built, highly manoeuverable Sniper Attack Vehicle, a heavily armoured and armed cross between a swoop and a speeder. Thanks to the ion afterburner, it can reach 600 Kph.
Standard weaponry: Xerrol Nightstinger sniper rifle, blaster pistol, Sniper Attack Vehicle. Armament: 1 Twin Blaster Cannon, 1 Medium Twin Blaster Cannon and 1 Concussion Missile Launcher.

Phase III Darktrooper Phase III Darktrooper

A person in a 2,9 m tall near-indestructible exo-suit with powerful weapons. Even Concussion Missiles tend to simply bounce off the armour. Perfect for heavy raids, a single Darktrooper can stand up to multiple light infantry at once and devastate a battlefield. The suit is fitted with a repulsorpack and manoeuvering jets capable of extended flying, and it lends tremendous strength to its user. The suit is fully robotic and can continue to fight even after the trooper has fallen. Darktroopers are trained in limited Force abilities.
Standard weaponry: 1 Heavy Automatic Rapid-fire Assault Cannon with 5 pipes (standard fire 400 plasma shells, up to 20 long-range rockets in alternate mode), 2 shoulder-mounted elevating Seeker Missile Launchers (36 or more warheads) with 3 launch tubes each. All 6 tubes can be fired simultaneously.

Spacetroopers attacking Mon Calamari cruiser Spacetroopers

The most heavily armed and armoured unit of stormtroopers in the Empire are the Zero-G Assault Troopers, known commonly as spacetroopers. They are equipped with advanced space suits to work in zero gravity conditions. The suit is 2 metres high, rated at 10 RU armour, and has powerful maneuvering thrusters capable of 11 MGLT. The suit also enables the trooper to see behind themselves. Very useful in boarding operations, groups of spacetroopers can overtake a capital ship in minutes. The trooper wears standard stormtrooper armour inside the the suit, so even if it breaks down, the trooper can survive for twenty minutes. Built-in features include two headlights, sensor pack, HUD, long-range comlink, fire extinguisher, magnetic couplers, auxiliary repulsorlift drive and enhanced strenght.
Standard weaponry: Shoulder-mounted Grenade Launchers with 10 grenades, type depending on mission profile, 1 Mini-Proton Torpedo Launcher (4 Warheads) on left gauntlet, Blaster Cannon on right gauntlet, Vibroblade, rotating sleeves, laser cutter, all integrated in suit.

Imperial Royal Guard Imperial Royal Guards

Stays on-site of important functions to protect and escort VIPs. Royal Guards are trained in numerous forms of martial arts and carry powerful Force-pikes than can cut through flesh and most armour easily, as well as a heavy blaster pistol under the cloak. Royal Guards are more suited to combat than any other function of protecting their target. Imperial Sovereign Protectors is a small Elite corps within this elite corps, trained to use limited Force abilities. They sometimes carry a two-bladed glaive with which they can deflect blaster bolts.
Standard weaponry: Force Pike, Merr-Sonn M-434 DeathHammer Blaster Pistol.

AT Pilot

Playing essential part of all assault ground operations, piloting the Empire's powerful Armoured Transports is a prized position.

All Terrain Armored Transport AT-AT

The mighty All-Terrain Armored Transport can carry up to 40 Troopers and 5 (not 4) Speederbikes, or 2 AT-ST transports. It includes a staging area and a first aid station. It can level armoured structures with ease, and fire with precision and power enough to destroy enemy fighters in a single hit. Its heavy armour makes it impervious to laser blasts. The AT-AT is the Empire's primary ground assault vehicle. It can fire its main weapons in a 180 degree wide arc with a range of 17,5 Km. The Mk II version has a dual turbolaser cannon instead of the original weapon.
Crew: 3
Size: H 23 m
Cruise speed: 60 Kph
Maximum speed: 80 Kph
Weaponry: 2 Chin-mounted Class II Heavy Laser Cannons, 2 swivel-mounted Medium Blaster Cannons.

SPHA Self Propelled Heavy Artillery with Turbolaser module SPHA

Self Propelled Heavy Artillery is an old walker design from the Clone Wars that provides heavy fire support on the field. Not as mobile as HAP platforms, it is still useful for getting fire support under a deflector shield. With heavy turbolasers attached, SPHA groups can even shoot down capital ships in orbit. Though not technically an AT, it belongs in the walker class and can beside its primary function also carry up to 20 troopers.
Crew: 15 + 10 Gunners
Size: H 20.6 m
Maximum speed: 90 Kph
Weaponry: 1 Modular Primary Weapon, 12 Retractable Anti-Personnel Blasters. Modules include Heavy Turbolaser, Ion Cannon, Concussion Missile Launchers, Anti-vehicle Laser Cannons.

AT-TE All Terrain Tactical Enforcer AT-TE

The All Terrain Tactical Enforcer is another design that stems back to the formation of the Empire and the Clone Wars. Precursor of the AT-AT, it is similar in function and still in use in remote sectors. It can transport up to 20 troopers. While protected against EMP, Ion charges and handheld weapons by a weak shield generator, it can be destroyed by armour piercing missiles.
Crew: 7
Size: H 5,02 m
Maximum speed: 60 Kph
Weaponry: 1 Heavy Projectile Cannon, 6 Turreted Anti-Personnel Laser Cannon Turrets (4 front, 2 aft).

Mountain Terrain Armored Transport MT-AT

The Mountain Terrain Armored Transport, nicknamed the Spider Walker. This powerful transport vehicle can scale absolutely vertical surfaces and can manoeuver around any obstacle. It is normally deployed in a cocoon designed to survive the impact of being dropped from orbit. It has only moderate armour compared to it's massive cousin the AT-AT, but it sports a light deflector shield for added protection.
Crew: 2
Cruise speed: 90 Kph
Maximum speed: 130 Kph
Weaponry: 2 Chin-mounted Laser Cannons, 8 Swivel-mounted Dual Blaster Cannons, one on each leg joint.

All Terrain Anti Aircraft Walker AT-AA

The All Terrain Anti Aircraft walker is a valuable supplement to any armoured column. It is a lightly armoured 22,3 metres long walker. Deadly to enemy aircraft within a range of 5 Km.
Crew: 2 (est.)
Maximum speed: 90 Kph
Weaponry: 1 Top-mounted Turret Flak Pod with 5 Missile Tubes. Payload 20 Concussion Missiles.

All Terrain Scout Transport AT-ST

The All-Terrain Scout Transport is suited for reconnaisance and light combat missions. It is a very versatile craft.
Crew: 2
Size: L 6,4 m, H 8,6 m
Cruise speed: 70 Kph
Maximum speed: 90 Kph
Weaponry: 1 chin-mounted Dual Blaster Cannon with 2 Km range, 1 side-mounted Light Blaster Cannon, 1 side-mounted Concussion Grenade Launcher and 2 durasteel feet with claws that can remove obstacles.

All Terrain Personal Transport AT-PT

The All-Terrain Personal Transport is an almost 6 decades old design, dating back to the Katana fleet. A modernized version is still in use in the Empire due to its effectiveness. It is built to give a single trooper the firepower of an entire squadron with extended mobility and range. While this is a light walker, the command pod is heavily armoured, virtually impenetrable by small arms fire.
Crew: 1
Size: L 2,82 W 1,78 m H 3,1 m
Maximum speed: 60 Kph
Weaponry: 1 Nose-mounted Twin Blaster Cannon, 1 chin-mounted Concussion Grenade Launcher.

Army Pilot

The Army Pilots are the counterpart of the Naval pilots. They mostly pilot transports and combat craft dedicated for ground support or boarding actions. The following is a small selection of available craft. More can be found under the Imperial Subcapital Ships section.

Sentinel-class Landing Craft Sentinel-class Landing Craft

The Sentinel is based on the famous lambda shuttle, but is designed specifically for insertion/extraction operations in hot LZs. It is amply armed and shielded. It can also carry and deploy MAPs and other vehicles.
Crew: 5
Size: L 20 m
Speed: x1.0 / 71 MGLT / 1000 Kph
Acceleration: 11 MGLT / s
Maneouverability: 63 DPF
Weaponry: 8 Forward Retractable Laser Cannons, 2 Turreted Repeating Blasters, 1 Retractable Turreted Ion Cannon, 2 Concussion Missile Launchers (16 warheads).
Defence: 120 SBD, 28 RU
Cargo: (180 m.tons) 54 Troopers, 12 Repeating Blasters, 6 Speeder Bikes.

Delta Class Dx-9s Transport Delta Class Dx-9s Transport

The Dx-9s, is commonly known as the Stormtrooper transport. It ferries Stormtroopers in and out of combat zones. It has multiple airlocks and magnetic and mechanical clamps for docking with any ship for boarding actions. It is a versatile and potent craft righteously feared by the Empire's enemies.
Crew: 5
Size: L 20 m
Speed: x2.0 / 55 MGLT / 950 Kph
Acceleration: 7 MGLT / s
Maneouverability: 41 DPF
Weaponry: 2 Taim and Bak KT4 Quad Laser Cannons, 1 ARMek SW-2 Quad Ion Cannon, 2 Krupx MG7 Proton torpedo Launchers (12 warheads)
Defence: 120 SBD, 28 RU
Cargo: (60 m.tons) 40 Stormtroopers or 10 Spacetroopers.

Gamma Class ATR-6 Assault Transport Gamma Class ATR-6 Assault Transport

The ATR-6 is a powerful transport designed specifically to deliver zero-g assault troops into battle. The spacetroopers can recharge in the cargo bay.
Crew: 5
Size: L 30 m
Speed: x2.0 / 67 MGLT / 1050 Kph
Acceleration: 7 MGLT / s
Maneouverability: 53 DPF
Weaponry: 4 Turreted Taim & Bak KT6 Laser Cannons, 1 Forward Concussion Missile Launcher (10 warheads), 1 Forward Nordoxicon Wavefront-Active Tractor Beam Projector, Magnetic Harpoons.
Defence: 180 SBD, 85 RU
Cargo: (400 m.tons) 40 Spacetroopers.

Low Attitude Assault Transport/infantry LAAT

The Low Attitude Assault Transport/infantry is an armed repulsor vehicle which can transport 30 Troopers and provide air support. It can also lift and carry vehicles. Although an outdated design from the Clone Wars, it is still reasonably effective in battle. The cockpit section can eject.
Crew: 4
Size: L 17,4 m
Speed: 600 Kph
Weapons: 3 anti-personnel laser turrets, 4 composite-beam laser turrets, 16 light air-to-air rockets (not 8), 2 mass-driver launchers. (Warheads types include HE, corrosive antimatter shower, radiation burst, and EMP), 8 wing bombs, 4 door bombs.
Cargo: (2 m.tons) 30 Troopers plus medical droid, or 4 speederbikes. Also carries an extendable grappling hook.
Defence: 50 SBD (est.)


The Imperial Armoured Unit Corps supports the frontline troops with heavy firepower where needed.

TX-130 Saber-class Fighter Tank TX-130 Saber-class Fighter Tank

The Saber is a state-of-the-art heavy repulsortank which first served in the Clone Wars. With repulsor turboboost engaged, it can reach high speed for a brief period. For defence, it carries a phase 3 exo-shell deflector shield generator which can absorb extreme amounts of punishment and recharge rapidly. The chassis is protected with a lightweight reactive composite armour.
Crew: 2 + 1 gunner (optional)
Size: L 8,2 m W 3,05 m H 2,3 m
Cruise speed: 193 Kph
Maximum speed: 321 Kph
Weaponry: 2 Heavy Laser Cannons, 1 Medium Twin Laser Turret (with gunner), 8x2 guided thermal detonator missiles (may carry additional ordnance variants).

1-L Imperial-class Repulsortank 1-L Light Repulsortank

The Ubrikkian Industries 1-L Imperial-class repulsortank is the lightest of the series. It is fast and manouverable with a 2 metre ceiling. It is lightly armoured, but enough to withstand most handheld weapons. The main drawback is the same as for all repulsorlift vehicles; it is susceptible to the varying gravity on different planets and it is unable to penetrate deflector shields.
Crew: 2
Cruise speed: 105 Kph
Maximum speed: 300 Kph
Weaponry: 1 Top-mounted Turreted Medium Blaster Cannon (1 Km range).

TR-SD Tracked Shield Disabler TR-SD

The Tracked Shield Disabler is designed with only one purpose in mind; to disable deflector shields. None of the TR-SD's weapons do conventional damage. It is reasonably well armoured but obviously need an escort.
Crew: 2 (est.)
Cruise speed: 55 Kph
Maximum speed: 80 Kph
Weaponry: 2 Top-mounted Ion Cannons (800 m range), 2 Missile Launchers (800 m range).

MAP Mobile Artillery Platform MAP

The Mobile Artillery Platform is a quickly depolyable lightly armoured repulsorlift vehicle which fires energy beams in a parabolic arc toward its target. This indirect fire enables the craft to quickly relocate to new firing positions and fire without exposing itself to counter-fire. The MAP has to deploy itself on the ground before it can fire due to the high recoil impact. MAP's rely on forward scouts to target the enemy. The energy beam is an area of effect weapon, so care must be taken to avoid hitting friendly units.
Crew: 2 (est.)
Cruise speed: 80 Kph
Maximum speed: 150 Kph
Weaponry: 1 Turreted Medium Parabolic Particle Cannon (900 m range).

HAP Heavy Artillery Platform HAP

The Heavy Artillery Platform is similar to the MAP in function. It fires heavy energy beams in a parabolic arc towards the enemy which are highly destructive to all units within its blast radius. Care must be taken to avoid hitting friendly units. It relocates by repulsorlift just like the MAP, but improved shock dampeners enables this artillery piece to fire while still hovering. It has medium armour.
Crew: 3 (est.)
Cruise speed: 65 Kph
Maximum speed: 110 Kph
Weaponry: 1 Turreted Heavy Parabolic Particle Cannon (2 km range).

MAS-2xB Mobile Turbolaser Platform MAS-2xB

The MAS-2xB Mobile Turbolaser Platform (MTP) is one of the heaviest field artillery pieces in the imperial army. Its main weapon has a range of 30 Km and is similar in firepower to the turbolasers found on capital starships. It was designed to blast through heavy fortifications. The MTP is also heavily defended with turreted weapons, two meter thick armor plating and six separate shield generators. For all its strenght and firepower, it is quite slow.
Size: H 60 m (est.)
Crew: 9 (est.)
Cruise speed: 30 Kph (est.)
Maximum speed: 50 Kph (est.)
Weaponry: 1 Turbolaser Pulsor Cannon, 2 Turret-mounted Double Turbolaser Cannons, 2 Heavy Laser Cannons.

War Droids

War Droid Commanders do not fight themselves, but rather have their machines kill for them. Although expensive, Imperial War Droids make up for their cost by efficiency in battle. They supplement infantry and armour alike in the thoughest of battlezones.

Droideka Destroyer Droid Droideka

The Destroyer Droid, or Droideka, is an old but reliable design used by among others, the Trade Federation, Techno Union and the Confederacy of Independent Systems. Although they can only reach 6 Kph walking on their three legs, they can traverse terrain fast by transforming into large wheels, hence its nickname "wheeldroid". They have 25 RU armour and can project a deflector shield rated at 55 SBD when they unfold. Unlike many lighter battledroids, the Droideka is designed with the sole purpose to annihilate its target.
Size: H 1,83 m
Cruise speed: 6 Kph
Maximum speed: 42 Kph
Weaponry: 2 Heavy Repeating Blasters.

SD-10 Battledroid SD-10 Battledroid

The SD-9 Battledroid which was considered equal in power to a hundred infantry has a long standing history in the service of the Empire. The SD-10 is the improved Balmorran model designed by Umak Leth with new fast-reaction servos, advanced servomotors and gyrobalancing systems, point-of-impact shielding, experimental self-healing metals, and last but not least, heavily improved software with superior tactics.
Size: H 3,35 m
Weaponry: 1 Heavy Repeating Blaster, 1 Plasma Burst Cannon and 1 Concussion Missile Launcher.

XR-85 Tank Droid XR-85 Tank Droid

The XR-85 is an old Imperial design that has been improved over time because of it's excellent performance. It is as large as an AT-AT and can level troop bunkers with a single shot from its main weapon. The secondary weapons, the light turbolasers, are typically used on repulsor tanks or walkers, while its blasters can quickly decimate light vehicles or infantry. Each of the weapons are powered by a separate power generator giving the droid virtually unlimited firepower. It is also useful in urban assaults since it has a minimal turn radius and can plough through most buildings unhindered.
Size: L 32 m, H 30 m
Cruise speed: Kph
Maximum speed: Kph
Weaponry: 1 Top Turreted Heavy Particle Cannon, 2 Front Light Turbolasers, 4 Twin Heavy Repeating Blasters (one front, one aft), 1 aft-mounted DF.9 Anti-Infantry Laser Cannon (16 km range).

Viper X-1 Automadons Viper X-1 Automadon

The Balmorran Arms X-1 represents cutting edge of War Droid technology with its advanced molecular shields, which not only deflects energy, but channels it into the droids own weapons. It can withstand all energy attacks up to a heavy turbolaser, but it does have a vulnerability against kinetic attacks such as projectiles and shrapnel. Nevertheless, the sight of a Viper on the battlefield is enough to cause fear in any but the most dedicated or desperate enemy. A few operators can drive the X-1 from a cramped compartment within, since it is constructed for supervised combat. In addition to its already formidable weaponry, it has two pincers on its arms with reflexes fast enough to snare a low-flying airspeeder and the strenght to rip it to pieces. Unfortunately, Imperial Intelligence has determined that the New Republic has the knowledge of these war droids and possibly a small number of them to use.
Size: H 10 m (est.)
Maximum speed: 60 Kph (est.)
Weaponry: 2 Front Turbolaser Cannons, 2 Chin-mounted Light Laser Cannons, 2 Heavy and 2 Light Arm-mounted Laser Cannons, and 2 Heavy Front Pincers.