Communications Protocol
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The following represents a simple to use standard for in-game transmissions between different characters. Using it is optional, not required. It exists solely as a resource for you. Messages should be posted in the relevant thread.
Open Sometimes messages are sent completely unencoded; either because you don't have NIF military standard communications available, or because you want to send it openly.
Voice Real-time audio message. Most fighter pilot comms are done in voice. Not encrypted unless secured. Voice messages should be enquoted.
Holo A live, real-time 3d hologram transmission sent either over viewscreen or full-size projection. Holo messages should be enquoted.
Secure All military communication is encrypted by default, but a secure channel is very difficult to intercept and will take considerable time to decrypt. Can only be sent with sufficient resources, such as from a capital ship or communications central. However, ISIS Agents have devices to send secure messages while in the field.
Priority A priority transmission is sent forcibly. It increases the speed with which it is received, decrypted and answered. An unimportant priority message reflects badly upon the sender.
Direct A direct line is a connection directly between two people, which increases response time considerably. Note that this form of communication may be declined by the receiving party.
END End of transmission.


[TO:Thrawn's Hand:secure:voice] "Proceed to vantage point immediately. Acknowledge." [END]

[FROM:Thrawn's Hand:secure:voice] "We're on our way." [END]

[TO:Ace Roscoe:open:priority:direct:holo] "We need help right now!" [END]

[FROM:Deth Spekter:voice] "Nemesis, requesting to dock for repairs." [END]


"Star Destroyers concentrate on target D1. Cruisers have D2. Only ion cannons on L1, I want it intact and boarded."



"All bombers are called back. I repeat, all bombers return to hangar."


[TO:All agents:secure]

All agents are to proceed to area 214 before the attack.


[TO:All personnel:secure:priority] New mission objective: Locate and capture enemy saboteur. Priority 1. [END]