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Book of Anger
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      The Book of Anger - (excerpts from Dark Empire).

      The Emperor's "first empire" evolved from several sources. Many Jedi secrets were revealed by trained Jedi who capitulated to the Dark Side. Other secrets, more ancient, were obtained from the Jedi Holocron. A third source was the archaic magical concepts that were known and used (and are still known and used) by the most primitive peoples.

      According to the Emperor, when the Force is sensed and moved by emotion, from the very center of the body, and meditated from the lower vital centers of the being, it acts with the destructive power of a storm... and the savagery of a beast. Anger is considered the most potent catalyst to this kind of power. And anger become rage, when channeled through the "vital gate" in the center of the body, can unleash absolutely unstoppable potency throughout the body.

      Add the exquisite control of a fine intelligence standing watch over anger, and you have aggression that can kill with precision, crush cartilage from afar...or )he claims) murder opponents from a great distance.

      "Now you will experience the full power of the darkside!"

      In the Book of Anger, Emperor Palpatine describes the origin of force storms:
      "I have learned that Anger and Will joined together, are the greatest Power."

      "I have learned to mediate Anger and Will with clarity and precision, and I have learned to open the hidden reservoirs of Dark Side Power."

      "Anger concentrated by Will in the vital center of the body, creates a portal through which vast energies are released - the energies of the Dark Side of the Force."

      "Standing watch with the mind, in my meditation of Anger, I have slain my enemies from great distances, through the Dark Side Power that permeates the Galaxy. I have created lightning, and unleashed its destructive fire."

      "Using this knowledge, I can unleash the Dark Side energies that are all around us, even to shatter the fabric of space itself. In this way, I have created storms."

      According to the Emperor, through a simple act of will he is able to generate energy storms, vastly destructive, virtually unstoppable. "Force Storms" he calls them.

      What he also admits in his Book of Anger, is that he is not able to completely control such phenomena, once he has triggered their onset. However, in the years since he wrote those words, the Emperor has continued to perfect his Dark Side abilities, and he now boasts to Luke that he has perfect control of his Force Storms!

      Whether such boasts are true or not (they are not), one thing becomes abundantly clear from the Emperor's confrontation with Luke and Leia: these explosions of chaotic fury - the "Force storms" - are no match for the greatest power in the Galaxy!