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Standard weapons in the Imperial inventory. The ranges given is maximum effective range - physical maximum range is generally ten times longer for firearms. The "~" sign indicates an approximate value.

Melee Weapons

Range: 0.2-0.5 m
Extremely common weapon which features a high frequency vibrating generator and a small powerpack. A vibroweapon can slice through any material given sufficent strength behind it. It emits a slight humming noise when activated.

Range: 1-2 m
Standard melee and ceremonial weapon for the Imperial Royal guard. A forcepike is a vibroenhanced weapon which can easily slice an opponent in pieces, and with a a dual mode stun setting that can knock out a wookie... or kill. It is made of very strong spun graphite and bends under pressure. The pike is also used by Radiation Zone Troopers and occasionally other troops.

Range: 1.2-2.2 m
Standard melee and ceremonial weapon for the Imperial Sovereign Protectors. It is a refined vibroenhanced weapon made of alchemically altered and exceptionally strong metals that can in the hands of a force sensitive Protector slice through armor and deflect blaster bolts with relative ease. The base of the glaive is a short metal staff from which single edged blades can be extended in a snap with an activation button at each end.

Holdout Blasters

HSB-200 Holdout Blaster
Ammo: 8 Range: ~25
Favoured by security forces and undercover operatives, because of its quick, semi-repeating action. While it only holds 8 shots, the charge-cartridge is located at the heel of the gun, and thus, easy to reload quickly.

SoroSuub Q-2s5 MOA Holdout Blaster
Ammo: 6 Range: ~25
Standard sidearm for Imperial scouttroopers, this is a very compact, rugged and extremely lightweight weapon.

Blaster Pistols

BlasTeech DL-18 Blaster Pistol
Ammo: 100 Range: 120
The most common pistol in the galaxy. Good accuracy, light weight, reliability and balance. Popular with Naval Officers.

Merr-Sonn M44 High Velocity Blaster Pistol
Ammo: 100 Range: 110
The second most common pistol in service, it is preferred by fighter pilots, tank crews and others that need a slightly more compact weapon. It is a top quality pistol, easily equal in build and reliabilty to its BlasTech DL-18 competitor. It fires a thin, high velocity bolt.

BlasTech DL-44 Heavy Blaster Pistol
Ammo: 25 Range: 50
A pistol with a heavy compression chamber. It fires powerful bolts at a slightly slower rate than standard pistols, but its firepower makes up for it.

Epel'jaken "Razor" series MX Heavy Blaster Pistol
Ammo: 30 Range: ~50
This is the standard-issue sidearm for Imperial security forces. The MX is a black, bulky looking pistol with a silver flash suppressor at the end of the barrel. It possesses a substantial punch, surpassing even the more famous BlasTech DL-44.

Merr-Sonn 434 "DeathHammer" Heavy Blaster Pistol
Ammo: 40 Range: 120
Doing for handguns what the BT EKX-10 and the M-S M-435 is doing for shoulder arms, the M-434 DeathHammer from Merr-Sonn is a very popular pistol with professionals. It was nicknamed "Death Hammer" by bounty hunters who preferred its solid construction and incredible stopping power. The 434 is plated with durasteel, making it heavy to carry but capable of sustaining heavy fire. In service with the Imperial Royal Guard, it has a capacity only slightly lower than that found in the DL-44, with the longer range normally associated with light pistols, yet with the power of a full sized rifle. It also has another major point: no quirks. Period. It is totally reliable under normal conditions, vacuum, underwater, and even has a 75% reliability rate in a class 4 radiation zone.

Merr-Sonn IR-5 Intimidator Blaster Pistol
Ammo: 50 Range: 50
This fully-automatic pistol lacks a strong punch, but can fire off an incredible amount of blasts in a short period of time. It is a bulky weapon, and quite expensive for its features. Standard market price is 1,250 Credits.

Blaster Carbines

BlasTech E-11 Carbine
Ammo: 100 Range: 300
Standard weapon for Imperial Stormtroopers. Powerful, lightweight, and durable. It features a folding stock to extend the lenght of the weapon and increase accuracy. Normally used for burst fire, but it has both full auto and stun capacity.

SoroSuub ST-I (Stormtrooper One) Carbine
Ammo: 100 Range: 300
Standard weapon for Imperial Stormtroopers. A copy of the BlasTech E-11, it is slightly more compact. SoroSuub took the original design and produced their own frame to supply the vast Imperial forces. While BlasTech did initially protest, the two competing companies now cooperate to produce this variant, the ST-I, which uses a SoroSuubian charge compressor to achieve much greater effectiveness.

SoroSuub 36T QuickSnap Carbine
Ammo: 40 Range: 250
A variant of SoroSuub's enormously popular ST-I model, the 36T is a shade lighter and more compact, useful for commandos and rear-guard soldiers.

BlasTech TC-21/C ST-II/C (Stormtrooper Two) Carbine
Ammo: 50 Range: 250
Standard sidearm for Radiation Zone Troopers. Based on the same parts as the notorious TL-21 Light Repeater, the ST-II/C was born when ingenious Stormtroopers hacked apart their long-barreled repeaters in order to use a much more devastating weapon in close quarters assaults. Remarkably, the weapon kept much of its characteristic traits, such as high accuracy (for a carbine), low kick, and heavy damage rating.

Ammo: 100 Range: 250 m
The Interchangeable Combat Weapon System is a light, compact, rapid-firing blaster carbine which can be easily transformed into a sniper rifle or an anti-armour weapon with attachable weapon modules. It was the Old Republic commando weapon of choice during the Clone Wars.

Blaster Rifles

BlasTech A280 Blaster Rifle
Ammo: 100 Range: 300
The A280 is reputed to be the best armor-piercing rifle available anywhere in the galaxy. At medium range, it has been known to cut armoured soldiers in half. The A280 packs an enormous punch into a superbly constructed frame. The two most devastating features of this weapon are the integrated widevision rangefinder and the particle-accelerator at the end of the barrel which gives the bolt an extra "spin", increasing accuracy and damage rating. However, it is a large weapon and gets rather unwieldy in close quarters combat.

BlasTech DLT-19 Heavy Blaster Rifle
Ammo: 50/200 Range: 300
Standard weapon for Imperial Sandtroopers, nicknamed "Defender" and later "The Sweeper". The DLT-19 is a massive blaster rifle, capable of delivering heavy semi-automatic fire and bursts of blaster triplets. It comes with two different clips, one with 50 and one with 200 shots.

BlasTech TL-21 Light Repeater Rifle
Ammo: 110 Range: 300
A one and a half metre long weapon, used by Stormtrooper heavy weapons specialists. At least one or two troopers in every squad are issued one while not in close quarters, since it is very accurate and delivers a lot of firepower quickly. Also, the ST-II, as it is called by the ranks, is well balanced and can also be mounted on a bi-pod, which extends its effective range up to 10 Km.

Imperial Arms Light Repeater Rifle
Ammo: 100 Range: 300
A very fast firing, accurate and compact repeater. Each individual bolt is however not very powerful. It also features a secondary fire mode which fires three shots at once. A grenade launcher can also be fitted under it.

Merr-Sonn LD-1 Blaster Rifle
Ammo: 100 Range: 500
An expensive and rare sniper rifle popular with sports shooters and hunters. It comes with auto-steadying gyrogimbles and is typically fitted with a macroscopic sight to increase accuracy and effective range.

Xerrol Nightstinger Blaster Rifle
Ammo: 5 Range: classified
The weapon of choice for elite Imperial Snipers. It fires an invisible blaster bolt with tremendous firepower. One bolt can vapourize a half cubic metre durasteel. Since the weapon is slow firing and unwieldy in close quarters, snipers also carry a blaster pistol. The sniper's prime weapon is however his subspace radio, with which he can call down air strikes or reinforcements on the hapless enemy.

Ammo: 100 Range: 1.1 km
A weapon designed in NIF arms labs as a modern version of the famous DC-15 heavy blaster rifle, aka "Clonetrooper Rifle" used in the Clone Wars, purpose-built for the Old Republic Clonetroopers. The modularity of the orignal weapon is expanded upon to provide a weapon which can be used for assult, sniping, close quarters and support fire with different weapon modules. The base frame is a large and heavy rifle. Complete Technical Reference

Imperial Heavy Repeater Rifle
Ammo: 300 Range: 300
A compact bullet repeater with rapid automatic fire that can clear out an area quickly. It also has a concussion grenade launcher fitted under it.

Support Weapons

Merr-Sonn EWHB-10 "E-WEB" Heavy Repeating Blaster
Ammo: 100 Range: 500
An infantry support weapon, the E-WEB can be set up in less than two minutes, not fifteen as some claim. The weapon comes with a high-demand portable Eksoan power unit fitted with the Gk3 Cryocooler for unlimited firepower supply. The limited fire control system includes Starvision and IR for night targeting and unusual enviroments. A built-in com unit enables the crew to coordinate fire with other E-Web emplacements if command communication channels should become disabled. There is also a version with a shield generator to protect the troopers and an improved cryocooler unit for increase firepower, the E-WEB (15). Unfortunately, the F-WEB is a similar shielded weapon used by the rebels.

Heavy Blaster Cannon
Ammo: unlimited Range: 1000
Heavy blaster cannons has a low refire rate, but impressive power. It is often fitted on vehicles, or on fixed mounts, as it is too heavy to carry.


Golan Arms FC-1 Flechette Launcher
Ammo: 6 Range: 250
Standard missile weapon for Stormtroopers. It can fire anti-personnel shrapnell canisters, or anti-vehicle armour penetrating rounds. Watch out for ricoshets.

Rail Detonator Launcher
Ammo: 3 Range: 1500
Standard missile weapon for Stormtroopers. It fires powerful explosive warheads. In secondary firing mode, the detonator attaches itself to the target and explodes after three seconds.

Merr Sonn PLX-2M "Plex" Launcher
Ammo: 6 Range: 50 km
A shoulder-mounted missile launcher which can be dumb-fired up to 250 m or in tracking mode up to 50 km. It fires Arakyd 313 missiles with mini-proton warheads which are effective against speeders, starfighters, and can also cause significant damage to Imperial walkers. The launcher has a mass of 50 kg, but a mini-repulsor unit allows even a weak person to handle it. The "M" version can also fire "chips", large shrapnel anti-infantry projectiles.

Merr Sonn Mobile Mortar-3
Ammo: 22 Range: 1 km
The Mobile Mortar-3 fires C-22 frag grenades and it can be fitted on a repulsorsled platform which allows anyone to handle the weapon with ease, as well as increases the magazine with 500 grenades. The sled has a maximum speed of 250 Kph, and a maximum altitude of 30 metres. Even without the sled, an extra 100 grenades ammo pack can be carried with the weapon.

Krupx MiniMag Proton Torpedo Launcher
Ammo: 1 Range: 500 m
The MiniMag PTL is a dumb-fire launcher which can only fire a single missile between reloads, making it a much less sophisticated weapon than the PLX-2. It can however be easily modified to hold other types of warheads, or be fitted with a simple laser sight. Effective range depends entirely on the user.


Merr-Sonn C-16 Fragmentation Grenade
Ammo: 1 Range: n/a
Standard fragmentation grenade. The metal shell becomes hot splinters when the grenade explodes, which makes frag grenades much more lethal than concussion grenades against unarmoured infantry. It is one of the most common grenades in the galaxy and is used by the Rebel Alliance.

Merr-Sonn C-22 Fragmentation Grenade
Ammo: 1 Range: n/a
Standard fragmentation grenade. The metal shell becomes hot splinters when the grenade explodes, which makes frag grenades much more lethal than concussion grenades against unarmoured infantry. The C-22 (unlike the earlier C-16) can be magnetically attached.

Concussion Grenade
Ammo: 1 Range: n/a
The concussion grenade is along with the frag grenade the most common type. It explodes with a concussive overpressure shockwave that harms anyone or anything caught in it. Typical blast radius is around 5 m.

Merr-Sonn WW-41 Cryoban Grenade
Ammo: 1 Range: n/a
A spherical bomb with a 10 m blast radius. Anyone unfortunate enough to be in the blast radius is frozen and incapacitated for later pickup. In addition to freezing targets, this weapon can also be used to extinguish fires within its blast area. Cryoban grenades also exist in canister version for use with grenade launchers.

Merr-Sonn Glop Grenade
Ammo: 1 Range: n/a
A spherical bomb with a 10 m blast radius. It sprays an incredibly adhesive foam throughout the blast area, immobilizing all targets. A special glop dissolver, usually in the form of an aerosol can remove the glop. Often used by Stormtroopers for crowd control.

Merr-Sonn Stun Grenade
Ammo: 1 Range: n/a
A spherical bomb with a 10 m blast radius. Anyone caught in the blast is rendered unconscious for about fifteen minutes. Often used for crowd control.

Merr-Sonn Thermal Detonator Grenade
Ammo: 1 Range: n/a
A spherical fusion bomb with a 20 m explosive radius, essentially a casing which contains a charge of baradium. Baradium is unstable and very dangerous. Depending on the size of the charge, a thermal detonator would essentially atomize all material within a spherical area centered on the charge itself. Anything outside the range of the blast sphere remains virtually untouched, thanks to a particle shield that extends briefly as the detonator explodes. The baradium is activated by a switch which releases a short burst of energy into the baradium mass, causing it to explode. Stormtroopers carry a more stable cylindric version with 5 m blast radius (Type C). Detonators can be set to either contact detonation or 5 second delay. Thermal Detonators are illegal for civilian use practically everywhere.

Adhesive Grenade
Ammo: 1 Range: n/a
A grenade which covers a 4m2 area in a bio-adhesive glue which effectively traps anyone in the target area. It dissipates in only 15 seconds.

Ion Grenade
Ammo: 1 Range: n/a
Ion grenades emit an extremely strong blast of energy in a 4m2 area that can devastate sensitive equipment, droids, and energy shields. It is nearly as harmful as fragmentation grenades against living tissue as well.

Sonic Grenade
Ammo: 1 Range: n/a
These grenades explode loudly (4m2 area), but the majority of the effect is delivered in disorienting frequencies that the ear can barely percieve even as it is damaged. While not as harmful as other grenade types, it can prove very confusing for the enemy and slow them down considerably.

Poison Grenade
Ammo: 1 Range: n/a
Poison grenades release a nerve agent (4m2 area) in the air which lingers for about half a minute, ensuring that it is not easily escapable.

Plasma Grenade
Ammo: 1 Range: n/a
These grenades releases a quick burst of an incendiary agent that ignites immediately and cause severe thermal damage.

Charged Explosives

Laser Trip Mine Charge
Ammo: 1 Range: n/a
An anti-personnel mine that once set, will explode when the invisible laser beam is broken.

Merr-Sonn 7-PrG Proton Grenade Charge
Ammo: 1 Range: n/a
Extremely powerful timed shaped charge. Used to break open reinforced bunkers or starship hulls prior to boarding actions.

Sequencer Charge
Ammo: 1 Range: n/a
Standard antipersonnel mine. It has two user modes, the first being a three second timed explosion, the second mode triggers it by a motion sensor.

Detonation Pack Charge
Ammo: 1 Range: n/a
A detpack is a small explosive which can be placed or thrown and later remote detonated by the user. Typically used to set up ambushes or blow open doors.

Special weapons

Merr-Sonn DEMP-2 (destructive electromagnetic pulse) gun
Ammo: 10 Range: 120
This is a specialized weapon highly effective against mechanical enemies such as droids. The electromagnetic charges disrupt electical systems, rendering mechanical devices immobile and useless. On organic beings, it can inflict pain at short range, otherwise it has little effect.

DXR-6 Disruptor Rifle
Ammo: 5 Range: 20
A disruptor is a high-output special blaster which fires energy beams which excites the target's molecules until they lose cohesion, leading to the utter annihiliation of a targeted person. This disintegrative effect makes disruptors illegal in most parts of the galaxy. In NIF, disruptors are illegal to use against living targets without express permission from a commanding officer. When used against metal, it can disintegrate 0,5 m3 of durasteel. Unfortunately, like all disruptors, the DXR-6 has very limited range and magazine capacity, making the weapon unsuitable as a standard arm.

Merr-Sonn CR-24 Flame Rifle
Ammo: Spec. Range: 10
This flamethrower projects a cone of superheated flame, easily igniting people and materials. The burning fuel sticks to walls and burns with intense heat. The heat, and consequently hot smoke, obscures infrared targeting and also gives some problems for the environmental controls of Stormtrooper armour, but it gives a lot more problems for an unprepared enemy. Perfect for clearing out narrow corridors with non-flammable content when taking prisoners is not an option. Most people consider flamers obsolete due to their many shortcomings, but they can instill fear in the enemy.

Stouker Concussion Rifle
Ammo: 50 Range: 20
This rifle fires bullets of ionized air which explodes at the target with a radius of up to 4 meters. Strictly a short-range weapon, it is very powerful and usually only leaves a smear mark where the enemy used to be. It can also fire a more compressed bullet with more penetration but with a smaller shockwave. It was originally devised as an anti-Jedi weapon.


The NIF Modular Enhanced Tactical Armor is available for unit commanders with the rank of Lieutenant-Colonel and up. Standard weapons includes the modular DC-17m ICWS, two concussion grenades, a type-A thermal detonator, and a detpack. Complete Technical Readout