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The following is a list of acronyms and abbreviations used throughout the site, and in conversation between members. Includes a brief glossary over common in-character terms.
1O First Officer - Next in rank after the XO on a ship, together with the department heads. The 10 is a deck officer, meaning in charge of the crew, including policing.
2O Second Officer - Next in rank after the 1O on a ship. Usually in charge of navigation.
3O THird Officer - Next in rank after the 2O on a ship. Usually in charge of safety and damage control.
AA Anti Air. Refers to weapons designed to combat air units. Air units includes starfighters, hovertanks, and all kinds of speeders.
ACF Atmosphere Containment Field. A field-projecting device which generates an impenetrable energy field used to keep an atmosphere on only one side of the field. They can be used on space stations or capital ships to keep the atmosphere inside the docking bays until the starfighters need to launch. They can conversely be used to keep a hostile planet's storms and harsh weather out of a building.
ADETCON (NDETCON) Army Detention Control. The administrative and jurisdictional headquarters for all federal army detention facilities. The Chief Warden of NDETCON is coded A1. NDETCON is the corresponding Navy organization.
AFV Armoured Fighting Vehicle. A general term for all armoured combat vehicles, it includes tanks and IFVs.
AO Area of Operations. The area in which the mission parameters are being carried out by armed surface forces.
AP Armour Piercing. Any type of weapon intended to knock out a "hard" target, such as armoured vehicles or structures, as opposed to HE, High Explosives which are meant for "soft" targets like troops, light vehicles or unarmoured structures.
APC Armoured Personnel Carrier. A lightly armoured and armed vehicle primarily intended to transport troops. It has since been largely replaced by IFVs. IMV, Infantry Mobility Vehicle, is the same thing as an APC.
Base Delta Zero This order means complete surface destruction of a planet, eliminating all life, industry, and natural resoruces. It may be used as a last resort when the Imperial Army is unable to liberate a planet at reasonable cost, for the purpose of denying the enemy the planet.
C4IS Command, Control, Computers, Communications and Information Support. The whole, integrated command and information structure under which military units operates.
C#M# Campaign #, Mission #. i.e. C1M1 = Campaign 1, Mission 1
Cabin Quarters of a Captain or an Admiral. Also see dayroom.
CAV Compact Assault Vehicle. A light vehicle designed to be run by a single trooper and give him/her the firepower of an entire squadron with great mobility. Typically used on Rim worlds to keep the garrison down.
CO Commanding Officer - The officer in charge of a unit. On a ship, the CO is always called Captain regardless of true rank.
ComScan Communications Scanner - The central system on a capital ship for handling all communications. Also handles all passive sensor systems. Responsible for SIGINT, SIGnal INTelligence information comprising all communications and electronics intelligence.
DP Damage Point, a unit measuring the damage value of various weapons. 1 SBD = 1 RU = 100 DP (for fighters, 1 SDD = 1 RU = 1 DP).
CSO Combat Systems Officer - Normally there are at least three aboard a starship, one in charge of weapons and TacScan (Weapons Officer, WO), one in charge of shields (Shields Officer, SO), one in charge of damage control and engines (Engineering Officer, EO). On smaller ships, there may be only one or two CSO, combining roles.
CZ Combat Zone.
DamCon Damage Control - Includes all damage limiting operations, such as fire control, blast door enclosements, power rerouting, repairs etc.
Dayroom A military officer's office.
DB Imperial Database.
DFO Director of Flight Operations aka flight director. The equivalent of CAG, Commander Air Group - The officer in charge of all starfighters on a ship or fleet, if exceeding a wing (a division). The DFO seldom flies him(her)self.
DJ Dark Jedi.
DPF Degrees Per Frame. A unit for measuring how quickly a ship can change vector, ie, turn around.
DT Darktrooper.
EC Executive Command. The NIFs adminstrators.
Etheric Rudder A system for altering relative vector acceleration by directing the thrust of the engines with forcefields (You change flight direction).
EW Electronic Warfare - Includes focused jamming of hostile sensors, white noise blanking of all Electromagnetic/Subspace/Hyperwave transmssions, ECM for jamming or even disrupting missiles and ECCM for disrupting enemy ECMs. Also handles breaking tractor beam locks, discharge of chaffs and flares.
FAQ Frequently Asked Questions and answers.
FC Fleet Commander.
FL Flight Leader - The officer in charge of a flight of four starfighters.
GAV Ground Attack Vehicle. The term covers all light and heavy combat vehicles with ground contact except walkers. GAVs are divided into HAVs and CAVs.
GQ General Quarters. An order and a state that means all hands to battlestations, the ship should be made ready for immediate battle.
HAV Heavy Assault Vehicle. A heavy combat vehicle that is not either a walker or a tank. The Juggernaut is a HAV.
IC In Character.
IFV Infantry Fighting Vehicle. An armoured vehicle meant to transport troops and allow them to fight either from the inside or with the IFV supporting the troops. It is generally smaller, lighter, less armoured and armed than tanks.
IMEXCO Imperial Executive Command. The NIFs adminstrators.
IRL In Real Life.That other thing you do when you have to.
IRM Imperial Resource Management.
ISIS Imperial Security and Intelligence Service.
ISS Imperial Secret Service. An ISIS department under the Bureau of Operations, coordinating all field agents.
LOS Line Of Sight. It is necessary to have direct, unobstructed LOS to engage a target with direct fire weapons. Blasters are tyical LOS weapons.
LZ Landing Zone - a designated landing area, normally for insertion of agents or troops into an enemy environment. It may be "hot", meaning hostile, or "cold", no enemies expected nearby.
MagCon Magnetic containment field. Keeps the air in at docking bays. Also see ACF.
MC Mission Control.
MGLT MicroGravity Linear Acceleration Tolerance. A unit for measuring sublight acceleration. 1 MGLT equals roughly 4000 m/s2.
MTS Mobile-To-Stationary. An common tactic where a fast, light unit attacks a larger, relatively staionary target, in one or more runs. Commonly employed by starfighters against capships or ground targets, but also by light vehicles against fortifications. The term applies to the tactic, but also to weapons systems or vehicles designed for, or used in such a role. MTS is often, inaccurately, referred to as strafing. See also STM.
NavOps Naval Operations (forum).
NCO Non-Commissioned Officer. Typically considered ranking between commissioned officers and enlisted soldiers, but NCOs also have their own organizations.
NIF, NIFN New Imperial Federation, New Imperial Federation Navy
NR, NRDF New Republic, New Republic Defence Fleet
Nemesis Often used to refer to the entire NIF site as a whole, rather than just the ship in the fleet, as the site was originally titled "The Super Star Destroyer Nemesis".
OOC Out Of Character.
PD Point Defence. A short-range naval weapons emplacement meant to handle incoming warheads and other light threats.
Protocol Omega Navis NIF specific term. If a ship is disabled and threatened to be captured by an enemy, Protocol Omega Navis states to continue defensive fire, engage all anti-intrusion systems, destroy all valuable equipment, erase the data core, set traps throughout chokepoints, upload software trojans into computers and droids, and set the reactor to delayed self-destruct before abandoning ship. After the point of no return at -2 minutes, self-destruct can no longer be cancelled.
R&D Research and Development.
Refresher A room with a fully recycling shower, sink, and toilet. They come in various configurations, from small 'freshers for starships to large, ornate rooms in personal residences.
RP, RPG Role Playing, Role Playing Game.
RU Resistance Unit, a unit measuring the protection value of armour. 1 SBD = 1 RU = 100 DP.
SBD Shield Barrier Depth, a unit measuring the protection value of shield strenght. 1 SBD = 1 RU = 100 DP.
Scomplink Secure Computer Link, a universal data access port used with code cylinders and by droids.
Scope Sensor scope; a device for observation of the surrounding area on a screen.
ShieldOps Shield Operations - handles the navigational deflector, the magnetic atmospheric fields, the particle shields, and the ray deflector shields. It takes care of all shield modulations, repositioning of shield areas to cover shield breaks, shield power rerouting etc. Also in charge of cloaking field, if fitted on the ship.
SM Secondary Mission.
Squadron A group of 12 starfighters (3 flights) working together under a Squadron Leader. In the army, a unit of 8 troopers under a Corporal. Also, each man has a specified order in which they take command if the leader is disabled.
SQL Squadron Leader - The officer in charge of a starfighter squadron, 12 fighters. Imperial squadrons typically consists of 3 flights of 4 fighters. (New Republic squadrons are 6 fighters, but all comparisons are made in imperial squadron numbers).
SSO Ship Systems Officer - Normally there are at least three aboard a starship, one lead helmsman (Pilot), one communications officer (COM), and one navigations officer (NO). On smaller ships, there may be only one or two SSO, combining roles.
STM Stationary-To-Mobile. A tactic where a relatively staionary, often larger unit, attacks a fast, maneuverable one. Most typically this describes ground anti-air fire, but also capship anti-fighter screening. The term applies to the tactic, but also to weapons systems or vehicles designed for, or used in such a role. See also MTS.
Subcap Subcapital - any ship smaller than 100 m and not designed to be a starfighter.
SUCOF Office of the Supreme Commander - the Supreme Commander's administrative staff.
TacScan Tactical Scanner - The central system on a capital ship for handling weapons targeting solutions and EW. Respponsible for TLINT, Target Location and INTtelligence which describes and locates the components of a target or target complex and indicates its vulnerability and relative importance.
TC Training Centre.
TDY Temporary duty assignment. A short-term release from your regular duty post for the purpose of performing duty elsewhere.
TF, TFC Task Force, Task Force Commander.
TL, HTL Turbo Laser, Heavy Turbo Laser.
TOT Time Over Target. The amount of time spent engaged over the mission target.
TOW Takeoff weight. Measurement for fighter loadout.
Vector A compass heading, typically given with three numbers, ie, "head to vector 050".
WC Wing Commander - The officer in charge of a starfighter wing, 6 squadrons.
WMD, WOMD Weapon of mass destruction.
XO Executive Officer - Next in rank after the CO on a ship. In charge of administration, all department heads and ship security. Sometimes used to to denote a member of the Executive Command.