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Welcome, Force sensitive. I am Ace Roscoe, and this is my holocron. When you touched it, it was activated. Only one who is attuned to the Force could pass the barrier I have set up. Since you are here, and all Force users wish to learn more about the Force, given that it is an inescapable part of them, I will instruct you. You may wonder why; few teachers of the Force are willing to instruct you without trying to force you into their ways. It is because I feel that forcing someone into a specific view may just as well backfire. Instead, I will simply show you my way, in the hopes that you will learn of the wisdom I have gathered over the years, and take it for your own. In that sense, the teacher - I - will live on in the student - you.

The Jedi Order
First I will instruct you in the traditional ways of the Sith and the Jedi and their history. The Jedi are a very old institution - no one can say exactly when the first Jedi were founded. They use the Light side of the Force; the Light side is a concept first concieved by the Jedi, and it basically means using the Force for the good of all and not for your own. However, this is an ideal which is far from always put into practice. The Dark side is about utilizing your darker emotions to fuel your Force powers; anger, hate, rage, pain. But any form of stronger emotions are considered dangerous by the Jedi, such as love, passion, and ideals from outside their order, ties to family members - anything but peace and tranquility. ^

The foundation of the Sith
The Sith were formed by a small group of Jedi who "fell" to use the Dark side, ie, using the Force for their own gain and not just idealistic goals. The Sith was a primitive alien species on the planet were the "fallen" Dark Jedi settled. The Dark Jedi quickly became revered as gods, and eventually over milennia interbred with the Sith (thereby implying that the 'alien' Sith were, in fact, a near-human species. But it could also have been the result of genetic manipulation for which the old Dark Jedi were famous.) and created half-breeds like Marka Ragnos. The leading Dark Jedi became Lords of the Sith, Sith Lords for short. They combined the primitive native Sith's magic rituals with their force powers and created a new and different school of Force useage. ^

The Republic and the Sith Empire
The Republic was the first truly galaxy-spanning organization. Although it never covered the entire galaxy, it had many thousands of member worlds even 24,000 years ago. The Jedi Order has always been self-appointed guardians of the Republic; when the Sith Empire made contact with the Old Republic, war was inevitable. Several wars raged back and forth under the rule of different Sith Lords in the Sith Empire over the span of millennia. ^

Darth Bane
Over two thousand years ago, the Sith were tearing themselves apart in a struggle for supremacy, as had happened many times in the past during their wars with the Republic. Lord Kaan fired a weapon known as a Thought Bomb, killing off all the Jedi and the Sith at the same time - except for Bane. All the Force spirits of the Jedi and the Sith were left in what later became known as the Valley of the Jedi. Bane went into hiding and built up his power. To prevent such a disaster from happening again, he invented the rule that there would be only two ruling Sith, the Master and and Apprentice. The title "Darth" is also attributed to him, which is commonly assumed to mean "Dark Lord of the Sith." ^

Palpatine proved more insidious and cunning than any Sith Lord before him. Instead of waging war with the Republic, he realized (like a few Sith Lords before him) that the Republic was too strong, and the Jedi too numerous to defeat. Instead, he managed to make himself a Senator in the Republic Senate, and by an insidious coup, he was made Supreme Chancellor. In a display of genial political manuvering, he managed to create a federal Republic army and dispose of the Jedi as a threat to the government in the Great Purge. The Empire was born. ^

The Empire
The Empire disposed of the Senate, and Palpatine concentrated all power to himself, while nearly all the Jedi were killed, with the few remaining going into hiding. It was the time for the Revenge of the Sith. The Empire has opposition, however insignificant. But after some incredibly lucky - and later proven to be a return of the Jedi - battles, Palpatine was killed, his apprentice Darth Vader was killed, and the Empire had lost a decisive battle. The last of the Sith Lords were gone, along with the Knights of the Old Republic. ^

The New Republic
Even with the last of the Sith gone, their legacy is not dead. The Dark Side is ever present, and the Sith Lore still exists, waiting for someone to take it up. The New Jedi Order founded by Luke Skywalker removed many of the old traditions of the Jedi, but still kept many. Even without the Sith, Dark Jedi and other Darkside users still roam the galaxy. ^

Other Force Users
There are other groups of Force users in the galaxy besides the largest and most famous. These have formed their own connection with the Force, with their own traditions, and their own Force powers, proving that the Force can be interpreted in many ways. These groups include the Dathomiri Witches, the Jensaarai, Fallanassi, the mystical Aing-Tii and many more. ^

Introduction to my own school of thought
When I was but a lowly apprentice in the arts of the Force myself, I wondered, as I'm sure all other Jedi or Sith have wondered at one point in their career, if that was all there was to it. The answer is no. We even today do not have full knowledge of the Force; each generation adds a bit of research to the previous. This holocron is my contribution to the collected knowledge of the Force. Unfortunately, the Jedi deemed many aspects of the Force dangerous and potentially leading to the Dark Side, while the Sith usually kept any discovery they made for themselves. Additionally, many records have been lost in countless wars.

I wanted to find the origins of the Force, the first knowledge, and find out who was right. The Jedi and the Sith have very different schools regarding the Force, the difference goes much deeper than merely light side or dark side. The Jedi (and Dark Jedi) divides the ability of using the Force into just three skills; control, sense and alter. They can be used for Force Powers, combining one, two or all three, complexity and difficulty going up depending on how many you use, in addition to other difficulties such as the amount of power required for the task at hand, the distance involved, or the resistance in the target (which could be a living person, even a Force user).

The Sith divides their school into several disciplines: Basic (which everyone is taught from start), Body, which includes the subdisciplines (Aeromancy, Alteration, Electrics, Hydratics, Geomancy, and Gravitics. Mind, which involves Animism, Menatlism, Pyrism, and Spectromancy. Spirit, which includes Divination, Summoning, Necromancy and Translocation. These differences are non-trivial. So which one is right, or at least the "best" view on the Force? I went back to the oldest texts I could find, and much to my surprise, I actually discovered the truth.

The truth was that there was no ideal truth. Anyone can make up their own idea on how the Force works, and apply it consistently. But I also discovered the original ideas on the nature of the Force, and from there, I have put together my own school. ^

Basics of the Aspect School
In my school, the Force is divided up into seven different parts, six of which are referred to as Aspects. The point of doing so, and using a different school of thought, is that it can make you use the Force in ways that you may never be able to using the traditional schools of thought. The seventh part is your Aura, and represents the amount of Force you can make flow through yourself; this is the measure of your power, while the Aspects describe and define your skill with using that power. These Aspects are Reinforcement, Transformation, Materialization, Specialization, Manipulation and Emission. ^

The Primary Aspect
Alternative names for them are Strength, Change, Materialize, Special, Control, and Release. Each of these aspects define your ability, but you are not restricted in using a single one of them. Almost all Force users have talent in every Aspect, the difference lies in the degree. There is, however only one Primary Aspect - the one in which you can reach such skill in that you will eventually be able to utilize 100% of your power in it. This is usually described as "100% (potential) skill" for a shorter term.

Your personality and your Primary Aspect is loosely related. This is an important fact when it comes to determine what another Force User's Primary Aspect is. There are two reasons why you should be interested in determining someone else's Primary Aspect. First, he or she may be a potential student, and what PA they have defines in what their abilities are strong. Secondly, you may come acress an opponent that is using the Force. If you can find out what PA that Force User has, you will have a good idea of the strengths and weaknesses of your opponent. It is not possible in theory to master more than a single Aspect, which is why this is called your your Primary Aspect.

The relation between the Aspects and general personality types can be described as follows:
Reinforcement - Naive, direct, can be stubborn.
Transformation - Prone to lying, slippery, unpredictable. Can be nervous.
Materialization - Sensitive, rich imagination. Tend to be high-strung and nervous, even hysterical.
Specialization - The most unpredictable type, which we will go into deeper later on. The only defining personality type for someone with Specialization is that they are charismatic.
Manipulation - Logical, thinker, tend to be lecturing and often stubborn.
Emission - Emotional, easily becomes angry.

The Secondary Aspect(s)
While one always has one Primary Aspect in which one has 100% Potential (out of one's total Flow), you can have more than one Secondary Aspect. It is simply a name with which to annote the fact that most Force users has something which they are good at, although not quite up to the fullness of their Potential. Most Force Users only have one Secondary Aspect. For example, if your Primary Aspect is Manipulation (100%), your Secondary Aspect may be Emission (80%). If you have two Secondary Aspects, they are certain to have a lower Potential than if you have only one. In our previous example, you may have 100% in Manipulation, 60% in Emission, and 60% in Specialization. Having the same Potential in two non-primary Aspects means you have two Secondary Aspects. If one Aspect alone comes in second place after the Primary, you then only have one Secondary Aspect.

You may wonder why the total Aspect numbers on the chart below adds up to 155% achieved and 230% Potential (excluding the Primary which is always 100%). Fortunately or unfortunately, not all people have equal talents. While two Force Users with equal Flow and experience with which to use it are equally strong in the Force, this does not mean they are equally good with every aspect. One may very well have little besides Manipulation, while the other is multi-talented and can do all Aspects fairly well. The one who wins, should a confrontation happen between the two, depends entirely on who uses their abilities best. Should the two have unequal strength (Flow), the stronger has the advantage, but could still lose if (s)he uses his(her) abilities less effectively.


Aspect Chart Balance
As I mentioned earlier, everyone has some skill in every aspect. Force Users with Materialization or Manipulation as Primary Aspects have the most "unbalanced" Aspect Charts, while Reinforcement has the most balanced. The chart below describes a theoretical Force User whose Primary Aspect is Manipulation. As you can see, it is not completely evenly balanced. A Reinformation user would probably have a better balance, for example achieving 100% in Reinformation, 60% in Transformation and Emission, 40% in Manipulation and Materialization, and only 10% in Specialization. It is important to keep in mind that your power is not dependant on your Aspects. They only describe your potential skill with a particular discipline. The chart below is my own, describing my Force Potential.

What all this means and what the indivudual Aspects mean is the subject we will deal with next. One thing to keep in mind however, that even though an individual chart is not perfectly balanced, some things will always be the same. You will have 100% in your Primary Aspect, and the Aspect closest to it will be your second best, while the Aspect on the opposite of the chart is the one in which you have the least skill, and those close to it are your third worst. Think of it like a table. All of it is the Force, but you can only sit at one place. Anything on the table closest to you will be easily in your grasp, while the things on the opposite side will be hard to reach.

The blue figures describe skill achieved in a given Aspect. As you can see, the user below has mastered Manipulation and almost reached his full potential in Emission and Reinforcement, but still has quite a bit to learn in Specialization. ^

Force Aura
The Aura is the term we will use to describe how much Force energy you can safely store in you own body. The term Power is traditionally used to describe a specific way to channel the Force, ie, a Force Power, so we will abstain from using it when talking about the total of your Force Power.

The Aura is an innate ability that you were born with. However, it is not static; you can gather more and more Force energy over time, with no theoretical upper limit - you can continue to grow in Aura Strength under a number of conditions almost indefinitely. However, if your skill to channel it does not match the amount of Aura you have harnessed, you will suffer long term ill effects; it will cause your body to detoriate and age increasingly quickly. How much Aura you have depends on many different things. The closer you get to understanding the nature of the Force, your Aura will grow. The deeper you immerse yourself in the Dark Side, the more your Aura will grow. It is also possible to transfer Aura from others to yourself, or vice versa, both temporarily and permanently. Think of the Aura as an energy field surrounding yourself at all times. Other Force users can feel it, or if they are skilled enough, even see it directly, and so can you. Even non-Force users with their miniscule Force sensitivity can get feelings of comfort or discomfort near you if you have a strong Aura. The term "Force Sensitivity" refers to your innate ability to feel the flow of the Force, it's currents and waves. Force Sensitivity is the first requirement to ever be able to go to the next step and manipulate the currents and waves to your own liking, and it ties directly into he Strength of your Aura and your skill with the Flow.

The Flow is the amount of Force energy you can safely channel through your body. It is tied in closely with your Aura, and together they form your base Strength with the Force. You can however channel Force energy outside your body, and this is why the Flow is considered separate from your Aura. If you under special circumstances attempt to channel more Force energy than you safely can, you may suffer damage. In extreme cases, it may cause death or even vapourization. Just like with the Aura, the Flow has no upper limit - it is however much easier to harness a lot of Aura than it is to increase your Flow, since the Flow is entirely dependant on a combination of skill and innate talent. If this happens, you will suffer the problems described above. The Flow is always 100% on the Aspect Chart since it represents your base ability with the Force.

Certain basic Force powers are not tied to a specific Aspect, in that all Force users have them, or can learn them, with equal skill. Their potential is not dependant on your Aspect Chart, but solely on your skill with Flow. The following are traditional powers tied directly to your Flow:


The tiers are as follows. Your Aura is normally what you draw your Force energy from, and it is innate. The Flow is the amount you can draw, which is skill based. The Flow is then channeled into one or several Aspects at once, and from there, to specific Powers. Each Power is a defined skill, such as creating a burst of fire. So to reach the maximum of your potential, you need skills in many varying areas, although the basic ones are the most critical and defining to all the others. So rather than training in cleaving rocks with your mind, you would be better off training to increase your Flow and Primary Aspect channeling, because it is almost always possible to find a way to apply the P.A. to a sufficient degree. If your P.A. is Manipulation, you might cleave it with telekinesis. If your P.A. is Reinforcement, you may enhance your Strength and your hand until you can simply cleave it with a blow, and so on. It is not necessary to develop specific Powers to do this, only when you try to achieve very complex results.


Water Test
There is a simple way of testing the Strength of a user's Flow, and what Primary Aspect they belong to. You take a glass, about 3/4 full of ordinary water and drop a small leaf in it. Other liquids and replacement objects may work, but these simple items will allow for a comparable result since both the water and the leaf are easily manipulated. Beginning users may not be able to create much of a result. The subject should hold their hands around the glass without touching it, and then start the Flow, ie, call upon the Force, without actually using it for anything.


The Reinforcement Aspect is about enhancing your own body. Within this discipline, you can learn to channel the Force to withstand pyshical hardship and damage that would kill a normal person. You can also enhance your senses, and heal more rapidly. Reinforcement users are physical, in more sense than one. It is an Aspect fitting a warrior's mindset and capabilities. In theory, a powerful Reinforcement User would eventually have skin harder than durasteel and healing leathal wounds in seconds without needing to concentrate, entirely as Passive Skills.

The following are traditional powers tied to your Reinforcement Aspect (in increasing difficulty order):


Transformation means change, and that is exactly what this is about. The basic skill in Transformation is about changing the properties of your own Aura, which means you can make yourself magnetic.. bouncy.. watertight.. and many other forms. It gets even more interesting when you combine Transformation with other Aspects to form new Powers. The most typical Aspect to combine with is Emission, but you can combine with any. Note that while not many traditional powers tie into Tranformation (mainly because this area is not covered in the traditional schools), you can still achive many of them by applying Transformation differently. For example: to resist a blaster bolt hit, you can Transform your Aura to absorb it, or you can change it to an energy blocking shield. If Reinforcement is your Primary, you might simply Strengthen your body to withstand it, or if your Primary is Emission, you can absorb the energy with you Flow and then release it in for example Force Lightning. The following are traditional powers tied to your Transformation Aspect (in increasing difficulty order): ^

Materialization is not found in any of the traditional schools. This is hardly surprising, since it is by no means easy to learn. In fact, it may be the most difficult Aspect of all, and the most rare, with the least amount of students having it as Primary Aspect. It is still peculiar that no one has attempted this before, matter is strictly another form of energy, and Force users of traditional schools are able to convert different forms of energy to other forms, and they are all able to covert Force energy into work or electrical energy.

Still, it is understandable. Very few are gifted strongly in Materialization, and even for them it is no easy task. What you do is to form an image in your mind and then fill it with energy like a form. You have to start with making particles, protons, electrons, and so on. After that you learn to compose atoms. With enough training you will be able to make it automatically, so that you no longer have to concentrate on each one of the trillions of atoms required to make up even the sligthest bit of matter. At this stage, it is much like learning how to walk - the first steps are hard, but then it goes without thinking.

However, it is still difficult to create the type of matter you want. First you have to study the material so that you know it perfectly. Next, when you make it it is easy to slip and induce impurities as you make the matter, which you will then have to change or get rid of. The good part about materialization is that you can do large objects in parts, if you have the time. The next problems is molecular structure. Organic matter, and especially living tissue, is incrediby complex compared to say, a block of iron. The final challenge is that even the simplest object like blasters are composed of many different kinds of matter, and even in different states, like gas and metal. All this can and will take a lifetime to master. There is no upper limit to how large or complex objects one may make, but it is increasingly difficult. Oddly enough, living matter is far more complex, molecularly and chemically, than even starships. An additional problem with creating life is that you cannot make partial beings and expect them to live properly.

Materialization combined with Transformation can make very intersting results, and those two Aspects are also related in so far that one with either as Primary Aspect is bound to be good with the other as well. Combined, you may not just create matter, but change existing matter from one object to another, for example. Unfortunately, this process is even harder than pure materialization. Once a Conjurer has mastered creating an object, they can materialize or de-materialize that object in an instant. Note however that very large objects may require more energy than the Force user can produce at once, and as such, may require time to produce or remove. The following are traditional powers tied to your Materialization Aspect (in increasing difficulty order):


Those with Manipulation and Materialization are the most likely to achive Specialization. It means eaxctly wath it sounds like - something special. Typically, your special Power is related to your Primary Aspect in some way. But even Reinforcement Aspect users may have at least something special about their Powers, for example that they are able to Force Jump with much greater lenght and precision than others. True Specialization users have however, a unique or at least exceedingly rare Power(s). Specialization as a Primary Aspect is basically unheard of, but not incomprehensible.

It is not possible to cover all potential Special Powers, but one known ones is - the ability to "program" objects to act independently of the user (Manipulation user). Other users with high talent in Special has been noted for example among the Jedi, where some have been very gifted in Healing, and others in Battle Meditation. Having talent in Specialization relates directly to the percentage on the Aspect Chart. The higher the talent, the more unusual, ie, Special, you are. ^

Manipulation is about control. Control over the mind, and over objects. It is by far the most prevalent Force Aspect among students. Whether this is because most Force users have an affinity for Manipulation or whether this has to do with Jedi traditions (by far the largest Force-using group, and hence, the largest amount of associated Powers - it is possible that this stems from a need to define and well, control, everything) which emphasize self-control and Control as one of the three major skills they use. You may notice by now that Control, Sense and Alter matches Manipulation, Flow and Transformation well. But, the Jedi seem to have missed out on the rest.

Telekinesis is the form of control exercised over objects. Moving objects with your mind. The objects may be as small as subatomical particles, and as large as starships. Mastery over telekinesis can be used for far more things than just moving. If you manipulate air currents, you could break or stop a fall, or even fly. Or create huge cyclones. Or you could vibrate particles until something heats up or catches fire. It is even possible to slow down subatomical reactions, to for example freezing something or stopping a reactor from working.

Manipulation of the mind varies from simple influence of superficial memories or emotions (Jedi mind trick) to completely reprogramming people. One can also take control over, or influence, the actions of large numbers of people. However, fiddling with the mind is not just considered highly immoral by the Jedi, it is also prone to cause brain damage if it is not done with great care. The following are traditional powers tied to your Manipulation Aspect (in increasing difficulty order):


Emission is about channeling Force energy (Flow) and change it to another form of energy and release it. The best known example of this is Force Lightning, but is certainly not the only effect an Emission user can produce. Emission is the second most common Aspect from what the limited material I have to draw from so far, and with a large amount of traditional Dark Jedi / Sith Powers associated with it. Aside from releasing energies, it is also about controlling them. The following are traditional powers tied to your Emission Aspect (in increasing difficulty order):


Powers and Combinations
You can also combine Powers from different Aspects, but this is not only more difficult, it gets increasingly difficult the more Aspects you mix in, and your maximum skill with a combined power is determined by the lowest denominator. For example, if the user in the previous chart would combine Force Wind (Manipulation) and Illusion (Transformation), to create what looks like a person that throws you away, the maximum Flow he can project is only 15% of his maximum power, and that is if he is as skilled with this Combination Power that he can possibly be. If this is a new and untrained combination for him, he may very well achieve even less. With increased training in Transformation, he can improve to using 20% of his maximum power, or he can increase his Flow which will increase the total Force energy he can use, but not his skill level with the Combined Aspect Power. Increased Aspect skill means higher precision, speed with which he can channel Flow to the chosen Aspect, but it also gives him access to more difficult Powers and increased options with the Powers he has already learned.

For example, with basic skill in telekinesis (Manipulation Aspect), maybe you can lift a small rock. With greater skill in the Aspect, you can move the rock faster, and channel more of Aura, to be able to move a larger rock. But with increased skill, you may also become able to move many rocks at once, and with even higher skill, move them independently from each other, or maybe even take a large rock, splinter it into many pieces, and move each piece seperately.

Note that Flow is always combined with one of your Powers. Since Flow is always 100% it is not meaningful of talking about combining Flow with anything; if you don't combine flow, nothing happens. For example, if the previous user combines Flow and Manipulation to move a rock, the result is the same as when counting Manipulation alone when it comes to Aspect calculations. So we will only refer to Manipulation when it comes to such Powers.

For these and already mentioned reasons, it is always easiest to use only your Primary Aspect, and it is with that you can achieve your greatest power. Therefore, always strive to use primarily your Primary Aspect, and only that. This can make a vast difference in life or death situations. ^

Everyone knows now that the 'Darth' title is associated with the Dark Lords of the Sith. The origin of the title has been lost to time, but it may stem from the Rakatan word Darathia which means Emperor, alternatively the Rakatan word Darr, which means Triumph or Conquest, plus the Rakatan word Tah which means Death. Taking up the title of Darth means that you claim leadership of the Sith.

The Aspect School also uses titles associated with the Primary Aspect as follows:


Force Stealth
Every Force User learns to enhance their movements, and increase their physical stealth in the process. This is one of the more basic lessons in using the Force. However, almost no one teaches you the Force Stealth technique. There is not even a common name for the technique. The reasons are rather simple and easy to understand. Most Masters would prefer that their students are detectable in the Force. The largest group of Force Users, the Jedi, have no use of the power at all. The Sith used it, but only taught it to Sith Assassins, and even then in a more limited form. Palpatine mastered the techqniue, and he learned it from others. So there may be a few out there still knowledgeable in Force Stealth.

I am going to teach this technique to you. Now be quiet and listen instead of talking for a change, and perhaps you will be able to pick up something in the process. The first step is to not use the Force. When you do not use the Force actively, you only cause minor disturbances in the Force, and as such, is less detectable. This is harder than it sounds, however. In order to cause minimal disturbances, you need to close your own natural fountains, also called hole, from which your excess Force power leaks out into the world around you. This is, in fact, the very first step to learn when using the Force - keep it to yourself. But in order to actually use the Force while maintaining Force Stealth, you must learn to let it flow with minimal disturbance. Exar Kun and Palpatine were especially noted for this ability. Both were able to operate near many Jedi Masters, and lots of other people, without being noticed for what they did.

Force Disruption occurs every time you actively do something with the Force. Indeed, exceptionally powerful Force Masters may leak enough energy even while not doing anything actively with the Force to be detectable - even if they use Force Stealth. Because if you don't let anything out, you will eventually build up enough Force energy that it will become harmful to your mortal body.

So, how does one achieve this? A direct analogy would be to move as if you moved through water while not disturbing it. Every action you do must be deliberate, without excessive haste, and flow upon another like trees gently swaying in the wind. In other words, you must be able to let out only precisely the amount of Force energy you need in order to achieve the task you wish, while at the same time let it flow evenly, and form it precisely. No effort wasted in any step of the way. Even the smallest of flaw is detectable. Obviously, it is much harder to perform this maneouvre with a large amount of Force energy - that is, the more impressive your feat, the easier to detect, and the harder to conceal. Very logical, isn't it? Force Stealth is actually a basic technique, much like regular, physical stealth is. But it is very difficult to master, and very easy to fail in. ^

Passive Use
When you first successfully attempt to use a new skill, it is done so with great concentration, focus, control, and will. Some learn how to do this faster than others, but the method is identical for all. With repeatitions, the skill will improve in precision, power, and ease to use. It usually takes hundreds to thousands of repetitions to add something to cellular memory, after which part or all of the skill will be performed by you independently of your conscious mind. Some skills, such as the skin hardening of Reinforcement Users, are usually entirely taken over by cellular memory and becomes a permanent part of the user, while other skills such as the telekinesis by Manipulation Users still requires an input of will to be performed, although with much less effort than previously.

Exceptions exist, however, and they can be highly dangerous. Defensive skills like skin hardening has little negative consequences for either the User or others, but a Manipulator without conscious control of their telekinesis power is a danger to all. During great stress and hardship, any Force User risk losing that control temporarily. Those few Force Sensitives who are constantly unable to control their power must be Nullified before they kill others.

This section will describe some of the consequences of Passive Use for highly trained individuals. Firstly, a Manipulator may react on instinct while either on defense or offense, and use telekinesis or mind control to take control over the situation. An Emitter is most likely to simply emit massive energies in order to cancel out or vapourize a threat, possibly omnidirectionally around themselves if they have completely lost control; this is potentially very dangerous to the environment. A Reinforcer is more likely to use defensive skills such as skin hardening and empowered healing in a threatening situation, but great rage may cause them to empower their blows to a dangerous level. A Transmuter is more prone to avoid than assault, but like any Force User, under provocation they may be dangerous. It is almost impossible to say which form a Transmuter would take; it depends on their individual personality and developed skills. A Conjurer may call up physical material to shield themselves. The form can vary from a raw wall to elaborate personal armor depending on their personality and practiced skills. They may attack by conjuring up dangerous materials like nerve gas or even cause nuclear detionations. A Specialist is impossible to say much about in general terms. Remember that each Force User is as similar and yet as individual as a snowflake. The possibilities presented here is but a handful.

Some things remain in common for all Passive Users. Words and gestures are not needed in order to perform Force Skills, but using such mental and physical aids comes natural to almost all Force Users. Why would you move your arms while running with your legs? Because it helps the natural flow of your movements and help shifting your balance. Gestures and words when using the Force works identically; it helps doing it. The more practiced a Force User becomes, however, lesser and lesser physical aids may be used since cellular memory and the subconsious takes over the supporting role. Eventually, a powerful Force User may not need to move or do anything physical at all in order to perform even advanced Force Skills. Physical aids will still make it easier until complete mastery has been achieved, and under difficult conditions, physical aids may still help to overcome difficult obstacles. In this way, it may seem to the uninitiated, particularly the primitive, that the User is performing 'magic tricks'. Sometimes this deception can be used as a leverage. ^

The Will of the Force
What is the will of the Force? Many, both Jedi and Sith, have come to the conclusion that the Force is a creature, semi- sentient or even sentient, and that it bends events in the universe according to its will. This philosophy is sometimes called "The Living Force".

The most widespread philosophy regarding the Force is The Universal Force. TUF is not to be confused with the concept of TUF which under the same name actually spreads the belief of the Potentium in the New Jedi Order. TUF was originally and for thousands of years the main belief of the Knights of the Old Republic. TUF means that the Force connects us all, and that every action we take reflect upon all others, and for this reason, we must use it with care and concern for all living beings. They are correct, except for the last conclusion.

Others, most notably believers in the "Potentium", regard the Force as a non-sentient energy field, an object, which is subject to the will of its User. This philosophy does not acknowledge the concepts of a Dark side and a Light side. Since you are a student of the Dark side, I need not lie to you: they are wrong. This school is popular with those who are either overly idealistic, or those who sees nothing wrong in using both sides of the Force as one - more power to them. It is, in fact, only a lie spread to lure the unaware to the Dark Side. It is the ultimately and unavoidable destiny for the TUF acolytes.

Ultimately you should make up your own mind about the Force. What I can say to you with confidence from my own experiences is this: The Force lives. It reflects our actions and our emotions, and the latter is why there is a Dark and a Light side - the Force is not emotionless, nor is it a mere object. It is a living being full of emotions, however it does not appear to be sentient - rather is it to be regarded as clever animal. It can serve you, but it can also kill you unless you take care. It lives through all of us; without living beings there would be no Force, nor does the Force affect the non-living objects unless harnessed by a Force User. Each one of us can only control a small part of it, as each one of us only produces a limited amount of Force energy. But, some of us have the gift to control and harness much more than others. This is what seperates the genius from the mundane, the Force User from the normal. ^

Combined Aspects

Does the above chart look complex? Well, maybe it should. Aspects aren't locked-in boxes. It is a way to describe the paths of natural talents and skills, and they have no defined boundaries. Instead they gradually change into another.

Some of the Aspects we have already covered have been given new names above. This is not to confuse, but to enlighten. Things are defined by the labels we give them, but the things remain the same regardless of what we call them. Here, we are going to talk about the divisions of Aspects, and the results of where they meet. In short, the new labels in white.

Ascension is the result of Enhancement + Alteration. This combination uses the Aura's Force power to give your body new abilities. With it you can achieve things like rapid healing, electrify yourself or items you hold, improve your senses and mind. Energy absorption requires Ascension as well. Some even learn the ability to phase through solid matter.

Evolution is what happens when you combine the matter creation from Conjuration with the Alteration of Force Aura. If you ever needed an extra hand, this is how you do it. Or an extra foot, tail, or in case you are into tentacles. The combined abilities here also allow you to shrink or grow, change shape or liquify yourself. You can even form into a gas cloud.

Annihilation takes place when Conjuration meets Specialization. In essence, it allows you to will matter out of existence and into Force energy. What's more, once the process is learned it only takes a fraction of a second to complete. Conjurers can take advantage of this ability to eliminate things they create easier than they came. Exact annihilation can only take place with objects the Conjurer can alrerady materialize perfectly. Irregular annihilation is still possible, and can be used as a weapon.

Persuasion is essentially about mind control. It allows you to influence the minds of other beings, be they sapient or animal. The level of control, however, varies greatly with skill and Flow. Non-physical illusions are made here. Suggestions are made with it. Direct puppetry demands a high degree of mastery.

Kinesis means movement. Psychokinesis, the movement of objects comes from kinesis. In combination with Emission, it also means controlling fireballs, lightning bolts, or other forms of directed energy. More careful, precise and detailed kinesis can also allow you to heat up molecules or influence electronic devices.

Destruction isn't just about destruction, as ironically as that may sound. The combination of Emission + Enhancement means you will fill your body with energies that can both shield you and harm others. Flames, lightning, or Force walls are popular destructive techniques. If you think that sounds a lot like Ascension, you're right. The difference is that Ascension fills you internally, while Destruction is an external process. Of course, an advanced user can use both combinations at the same time. Another term for Destruction is Empowerment.

You may also have noticed that certain Aspects are paired. Domination and Emission are externally focused, while Enhancement and Alteration are internally focused. Conjuration and Specialization work with either. ^